Chip Tunes



Find a fellow classmate’s ‘hidden talent’ and create an installation that both clearly displays what the talent is and provide a deeper connection of the underlying talent for the target audience.


Making what is considered 'chiptunes' involves the art of cracking a gameboy and using its 8-bit processor to create fun, grainy, and sometime melodic music. This experimental installation brings this underground eclectic genre of music into the forefront and mocks the intimate size of the devices. The art of making chip tunes is a very secluded and individualized process, and it all takes place on a device that can fit into your pocket. It does however, have a very rewarding outcome when the user is able to hear their creation in real-time.
The logic behind the 4 foot GameBoy was to make the chiptune movement larger than life and to play with the appeal of instant gratification. The user would press one or more buttons on the GameBoy to cycle through various chiptune loops paired with 8-bit inspired gifs.

Role: Co-Designer & Co-Engineer
Deliverables: Installation
James Worsham
Detroit :: Michigan