Find a local Detroit business and execute a rebrand working in teams of three. Our team chose Detroit Custom Coach as our business, a vehicle customization company that does everything from C-Suite limousines to party buses to food trucks. (This was an academic exercise while at CCS.)


Born in the Motor City, vehicle fabrication and creating atmospheres of entertainment come naturally to the staff at Detroit Custom Coach. Through its skilled craftsmanship, large vendor network and resources, Detroit Custom Coach can fabricate any vehicle with confidence, knowing the end result will far exceed expectations.
Our redesign involved pulling from the rich automotive history in Detroit, primarily focusing on the 'golden era' of 1940-1970. These decades were carefully selected based off of the success of the industry and the overall craftsmanship of the products produced. Everything from the typography to the color palettes were pulled directly from this rich automotive history. Even though our concept has roots in the past, the design choices gave the system a perfect harmony of being nostalgic, while remaining contemporary.

Role: Lead Designer, Team Leader
Deliverables: Logo/Mark, Stationery, Mobile Application, Web Presence, Marketing Materials, Brand Guidelines
James Worsham
Detroit :: Michigan