Know MiRights

Web-App // Informational


Find a passion to explore and expand upon in order to create a comprehensive design solution that is part of a wider system, the project can be absolutely anything. This project was my senior graphic design thesis at the College for Creative Studies.


Looking to create something that would help people, a solution that was not a specific product or service, while remaining in reach within a 5 week time line. I then thought about the current tension levels between the general public and the police, it made sense to help people who are taken advantage of. Too many people are unaware of their rights, and it seems like a social injustice to keep the public ignorant. This yearn to help people gave way to the production of the MiRights project.
One of the primary objectives of this project was to provide an opportunity to educate the general population of Michigan about their legal rights when interacting with police. This gave way to the multiple channel output. More people have smart phones than a home internet connection, so a mobile channel was a must. To reach the people who do not own a mobile device, a small printable version is available online and in a variety of locations in Detroit. This version conveniently fits in a pocket or wallet when folded.

Role: Sole Designer & Developer
Deliverables: Mobile Web App & Pocket Friendly Print Version
James Worsham
Detroit :: Michigan