Last Mile



Create an installation that communicates the concept of the “Last Mile” – a term describing the movement of people or goods to a final destination – which is fun and educational for an extremely wide audience.


The Last Mile game challenges players to let their “last mile” choices inform what type of traveller they are. Each of the three levels involves various modes of transportation with different tokens available that represent the pillars of mobility – time spent, energy used, health impacts, and money spend/saved. As the players transition between the levels – Driving, Autonomy, and eBiking – they collect the tokens that mean most to them. At the end of the game they receive their ‘Mobility Report,’ a fun mobility profile that gives the player insights on their desired transportation needs. This installation was featured at all of Ford’s global auto shows and the Ford Hub located in the Westfield Mall in NYC.

Role: Lead UX Designer & Lead UI Designer
Deliverables: Installation


James Worsham
Detroit :: Michigan